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£1.6m to upgrade equipment at Velindre Cancer Centre


Proposals to replace the existing MRI scanner at Velindre Cancer Centre with the latest in MRI technology have been approved by Health Minister Mark Drakeford.

Welsh Government funding of £1.6 million will enable Velindre to provide MRI services to a larger number of patients, reducing waiting times for diagnosis and treatment.


Additional benefits include shorter scan times, less disruption to patients, and increased comfort for patients due to the new scanner’s lighter weight coils and larger bore (hole in the middle of the machine in which the patient lies).


Health Minister Mark Drakeford said:


"Our focus on early diagnosis, surgery and other proven effective treatments for cancer has resulted in Wales experiencing the fastest rate of improvement across the UK for survival rates for cancer over the last 15 years.


"Investment in the latest MRI technology is vital if we are to catch cancer early. I am therefore very pleased to announce £1.6million to enable Velindre Cancer Centre to replace its current MRI scanner with the best equipment available.”


Dr Tom Crosby, Clinical Director at Velindre Cancer Centre and Medical Director of the South Wales Cancer Network, said:


"We are extremely grateful for this Welsh Government funding as it will offer lasting benefits to cancer patients across South-East Wales.


"Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is at the forefront of modern diagnostic imaging and plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment planning of cancer patients at Velindre Cancer Centre.


"The new machine will be able to perform cutting-edge techniques which cannot be provided by the 11-year-old MRI scanner it will replace. It will increase the accuracy of patient diagnoses and enhance our ability to provide more versatile imaging in the planning of complex radiotherapy treatments according to each individual’s needs.”

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