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UK may have abandoned value based pricing plans


The UK government may have abandoned its plans to introduce value based pricing (VBP) for new medicines and instead asked NICE to reshape its health technology assessment model in England, according to a Scottish Government document.

The document, signed off by Scottish parliamentarians, says that despite its name, value based pricing will "no longer relate" to drug pricing, meaning the move to reward pharma companies based on efficacy and social value of their medicines will not come about.


A senior UK government official was cited as the source of the information, in a report focused on potential changes to the methods of Scottish Medicines Consortium, the country's equivalent of NICE.


Scottish members of parliament have not been included in VBP negotiations and neither of the lead parties in the talks - the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the Department of Health - were immediately available to answer questions from APM on the veracity of the comments in the report.


According to the report, the Scottish Health and Sport Committee: "Heard evidence from the UK Government's Department of Health lead official on VBP, who alluded that VBP had been reshaped and would no longer relate to medicines' pricing, but would instead be a reshaping of the health technology assessment model employed by NICE in its appraisal of new medicines."



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