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Robotics 2013 - integrating technologies in hospital pharmacy


Being held on 20th November at the Lakeside Conference Centre in Birmingham

This annual ‘Robotics' conference will look at moving forward with the use and integration of all emerging technologies in a hospital pharmacy setting - Electronic Prescribing linking with robotic dispensing linking to EPR and Electronic discharge.

Electronic Prescribing has the potential to support the medicines use process that can be delivered at every stage from prescribing to administration. Electronic Prescribing can provide management of prescriptions and will also give immediate access to medicines information. Robotic dispensing supports this.

But this is only one element of technologies currently being used in a hospital pharmacy setting. What else can be added to the mix to enable the digitalisation of the patient pathway?
How does Electronic prescribing link in with automated dispensing? How do these both link with the Electronic Patient Record? What in the future with become the norm?

Automation technology together with other policies and procedures continue to impact on service redesign; innovating service delivery and improving patient care. How has automation developed? How has automation linked to other technologies? How is e-prescribing developing? As the automation market matures, are all benefits being made? Will installations meet the demands of the future? Does automation now fit in the context of today's changing NHS with increased need for savings?

Attend this national event and
• Assess the new NHS environment and the future implications for Hospital Pharmacy Services
• Digitalising the patient journey - what is needed and where?
• Technological developments on the horizon towards digitalising the patient journey
• Examine whether automation can become part of an integrated medicines management system linking with e-prescribing?
• Address how you can work towards managed services of medicines
• Learn at first hand the many benefits of automation
• Examine the latest developments of technology in the supply chain
For further information and sponsorship and exhibition queries please tel 01926 863564

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