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6.5m for Specialist Palliative Care Services across Wales


Health Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed that 6.5million will be allocated to Specialist Palliative Care Services across Wales in 2013-14, of which 2.4million will go direct to hospices.

Hospices play an essential part in the Welsh Government's aims to reduce inequalities in end of life care and to maintain the dignity of an individual in their last days of life; as set out in the Delivering End of Life Care Plan, published in April 2013.

The Minister confirmed the funding following visits to two hospices in South Wales: St David's Hospice in Newport and George Thomas Hospice in Cardiff. Mark Drakeford said:

"How well we care for our dying reflects how we care as a society.

"We have set out plans to ensure end of life care is consistently good across Wales, whether a person wishes to die in hospital, at home or in a hospice.

"For many people facing the end of their life, and their loved ones, hospices provide vital medical and emotional support. They provide skilled nursing care tailored to the individual's needs, free of charge.

"Our End of Life Care Delivery Plan recognises the importance of the hospice sector in providing a co-ordinated end of life care service, alongside the NHS and other partners. It is therefore important we fund hospices properly and I am pleased to confirm the allocation of 2.4m direct to hospices for this financial year.

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