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News item Date
Top urgent care doctor: Impact of loneliness at Christmas causes spike in A&E numbers 23 December 2014
NHS set to deliver world-leading genomics project in fight against cancer and rare diseases 22 December 2014
Health leaders set out new year plan for a sustainable NHS 19 December 2014
Extra mental health support for new mums and mums-to-be 17 December 2014
Eight pilots to lead innovation in children’s mental health 11 December 2014
21% of patients in England can now access their medical record online 09 December 2014
Female Genital Mutilation Prevention Programme: Requirements for NHS staff 08 December 2014
Jeremy Hunt addresses Parliament on the future of the NHS 03 December 2014
Deputy PM announces £150m investment to transform treatment for eating disorders 02 December 2014
Directors of Commissioning operations in NHS England announced 28 November 2014
Independent report demands action on care of people with learning disabilities 26 November 2014
Deputy Prime Minister to establish and chair new Mental Health Taskforce 24 November 2014
Patient safety alert – risk of distress and death from inappropriate doses of naloxone in patients on long-term opioid or opiate treatment 20 November 2014
Simon Stevens announces winners of £2.5m Regional Innovation Fund 19 November 2014
NHS England publishes latest ‘Assuring Transformation’ data 17 November 2014
Health and social care leaders set out plans to transform people’s health and improve services using technology 13 November 2014
Autism statutory guidance consultation launched 10 November 2014
GP practices to expand online services for patients 05 November 2014
Top doctors urge people not to store up health problems if “feeling under the weather” 31 October 2014
GPs to bid for share of £100m ‘access’ fund 30 October 2014
NHS Leaders set out vision for healthcare in England 27 October 2014
Tony Young appointed as National Clinical Director for Innovation 21 October 2014
Poor mental health care for pregnant women costs £8bn 20 October 2014
Public Health England: Enhanced Ebola screening process 16 October 2014
First ever NHS waiting time standards for mental health announced 15 October 2014
New Dementia ‘Ambassadors’ to help GPs and patients 13 October 2014
£120million investment in tackling mental health 10 October 2014
NHS England consults on plans for a sustainable Cancer Drugs Fund 06 October 2014
NHS England’s Chief Executive celebrates CCG’s achievements 03 October 2014
Personalised GP care for everyone 30 September 2014
Innovation the key to next era of nursing 29 September 2014
Cancer patients increasingly positive about their care 26 September 2014
New MyNHS transparency site goes live 22 September 2014
UK pharma chief suggests 'drug bonds' could pay for expensive treatments 19 September 2014
NICE has not ruled out value-based pricing as a model for UK 18 September 2014
NHS England proposes new standards for congenital heart disease services 16 September 2014
The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 31st update – John Holden 16 September 2014
NHS England Chief Executive committed to improving dementia diagnosis 11 September 2014
Mental health needs to be more of a priority, says England's chief medical officer. 09 September 2014
NHS and social care bodies take next step towards integrated health and social care for individuals 04 September 2014
Patient safety alert – resources to support the prompt recognition of sepsis and the rapid initiation of treatment 03 September 2014
People have a say on the future of the NHS – Victor Adebowale 01 September 2014
Patient safety alert on risks arising from breakdown and failure to act on communication during handover at the time of discharge from secondary care 01 September 2014
Thousands more patients to benefit from additional £160 million for cancer drugs 28 August 2014
£4m of Welsh Government funding for new ambulances 27 August 2014
Making Scotland’s NHS even safer 21 August 2014
£8.8m boost for services to support older people in Mid and West Wales 21 August 2014
Review of nurses’ discussions with elderly patients over end of life care 20 August 2014
Investing £90 million in NHS facilities 15 August 2014
British organisations contribute to global mHealth development 13 August 2014
Patients to benefit from new NHS England ‘Accessible Information Standard’ 13 August 2014
Volunteer groups to get £2m to support vulnerable patients this winter 08 August 2014
Healthcare UK reports significant progress in its first 18 months 07 August 2014
Investing in flow of patients 07 August 2014
UK to lead the world in the fight against cancer and rare diseases 01 August 2014
Summary Care Record hits 40 million milestone 31 July 2014
Scotland takes action on antibiotic resistance 30 July 2014
NHS England’s Specialised Commissioning Oversight Group (SCOG) announces recent decisions 29 July 2014
Child flu vaccine pilots announced for second year 28 July 2014
Commissioning for quality: views from commissioners – Dr Paul Husselbee 24 July 2014
Friends and Family Test set for roll out to all NHS services 21 July 2014
Payment system changes to encourage better care and financial efficiency 18 July 2014
NHS England funds the evaluation of specialist surgery for more than 100 children a year with cerebral palsy 17 July 2014
NHS England announces decision to launch procurement process for Primary Care Support Services 10 July 2014
NHS England takes action to improve access to specialised mental health services for children and young people 10 July 2014
Mental Health Act Code of Practice consultation launched 09 July 2014
Fundamental standards: improving quality and transparency in care 09 July 2014
UK pharma proposes licence fee system to fund antibiotic R&D 08 July 2014
Better care plans to provide dignity, independence and reduce A&E admissions 07 July 2014
Investment in new health centres 07 July 2014
Expanding choice and improving the quality of end of life care 04 July 2014
New appointments at NHS England 03 July 2014
UK's prime minister creates expert panel to address antibiotic R&D 'market failure' 02 July 2014
NHS England launches the NHS Number survey for all Trusts 01 July 2014
Expanding choice and improving the quality of end of life care 01 July 2014
UK pharma refunds £74m to cover first three-month drug overspend 30 June 2014
New approach to care for the dying published 26 June 2014
£2.5 million to improve cancer care 24 June 2014
NHS rated on open and honest reporting culture in world leading transparency drive 24 June 2014
NHS Procurement and Efficiency Board: new chair 20 June 2014
UK's prime minister announces plan to tackle dementia drug 'market failure' 19 June 2014
£650,000 to improve access to psychological therapies in Wales 19 June 2014
£8m funding boost to train the social care workforce in Wales 19 June 2014
500 new health visitors for Wales 18 June 2014
New tool to give people with mental illness better care for their physical health 13 June 2014
NHS England launches medicines optimisation prototype dashboard 12 June 2014
More is not the same as better in the NHS 12 June 2014
New rights for Wales’ 370,000 carers in April 2016 09 June 2014
Care Act 2014: launch of care and support consultation 06 June 2014
Child flu vaccine pilot has positive impact 06 June 2014
£8m for new Wrexham emergency services centre 06 June 2014
NHS launches innovation fund 05 June 2014
Review of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales announced by Health Minister 04 June 2014
Investing in dementia training 02 June 2014
Go-ahead for £5m Llangollen Primary Care Centre 30 May 2014
NHS foundation trusts hire more staff to improve patient care 29 May 2014
£37m transformation of historic Cardiff Royal Infirmary unveiled 29 May 2014
NHS organisations must prove they are adopting new drugs, NICE proposes 21 May 2014
Focus on Enforcement review leads to more effective regulation of care homes 21 May 2014
UK pharma calls for cost-effectiveness assessments of biosimilars 15 May 2014
UK bid to become life sciences leader will fail without national coordination 15 May 2014
World-class medical services for UK armed forces 09 May 2014
Dementia friends campaign can make a real difference 07 May 2014
NHS must care for the carers, says new NHS England CEO 07 May 2014
Launch of Regional Innovation Fund – 1st May 2014 06 May 2014
World Dementia Council meets for the first time 02 May 2014
New hospital to be built in Cambridge 01 May 2014
Green light for investment in new hospital in Brighton 01 May 2014
NEW range of NHS Provider maps now available for pre-order! 30 April 2014
Experts welcome unprecedented focus on children and young people’s healthcare but say more progress needed across system 30 April 2014
UK pharma probes relationships with academia following UK parliamentary inquiry 25 April 2014
UK to appoint director to boost NHS use of new drugs innovation 16 April 2014
NHS England agrees funding for life-saving hepatitis C drug 16 April 2014
Millions to benefit from improved GP care 14 April 2014
Medical innovation: doctors and patients encouraged to give views 11 April 2014
Book now for 'Overview of the NHS marketplace'. Early bird rate ends 25th April 10 April 2014
UK drugs regulator opens doors to early access applications at cost of £33,000 08 April 2014
Medics practise life-saving skills 07 April 2014
NHS funded nursing care rates increased from 1 April 2014 07 April 2014
NHS England invests £230m to secure world-class GP IT systems 03 April 2014
Right to ‘ask’ for personal health budgets begins 01 April 2014
Guidance issued on Hard Truths commitments regarding the publishing of staffing data 01 April 2014
New fitness test for health and social care leaders 27 March 2014
Medical innovation: doctors and patients encouraged to give views 27 March 2014
Three new drugs added to Cancer Drugs Fund will treat 900 patients a year 21 March 2014
UK to build £55million cell therapy manufacturing site 20 March 2014
Patient safety alert to improve reporting and learning of medication and medical devices incidents 20 March 2014
Cutting-edge drugs to be fast-tracked to patients 14 March 2014
Safer wards and safer hospitals through harnessing technology – Beverley Bryant 13 March 2014
Joint report on commissioning obesity services published 13 March 2014
NHS England supports national Nutrition and Hydration Week 12 March 2014
Healthcare industry fears mount over this week's vote on tougher EU data protection rules 11 March 2014
UK to adopt fast market access scheme for 'breakthrough' medicines 11 March 2014
NHS charges from April 2014 11 March 2014
UK pharma to pay back almost 4% of sales under new deal 07 March 2014
New cervical cancer drug added to Cancer Drugs Fund 06 March 2014
NHS England using technology to beat cost of missed appointments 05 March 2014
Patients to benefit from £30 million Nursing Technology Fund investment 04 March 2014
Bridging the digital divide 04 March 2014
NHS England’s Medical Director’s challenge to NHS staff, industry leaders and politicians. 03 March 2014
NHS England welcomes government’s dementia promise 28 February 2014
New recommendations to further improve surgical safety 27 February 2014
Medical innovation: doctors and patients encouraged to give views 27 February 2014
Binley's - BOBI 2013-14 finalist for Excellence in SFE/Commercial Analysis 25 February 2014
UK pharma body highlights industry contribution to country 20 February 2014
Improving Dental Care and Oral Health – A Call to Action 19 February 2014
NICE concerned older patients could be denied drugs in UK reforms 18 February 2014
NHS England welcomes Crisis Care Concordat 18 February 2014
Securing a health service fit for the future 17 February 2014
How can CCGs support GPs in their role as ‘accountable gp’? 17 February 2014
Interact, communicate, engage - PharmaTimes February 2014 17 February 2014
Special measures’ successfully turning troubled hospitals around 14 February 2014
NHS England today has published the “The Digital First” pathology report 14 February 2014
Want to find out more about your existing and potential healthcare customers? 14 February 2014
UK doctors missing up to 85% of opportunities for early COPD diagnosis 13 February 2014
Let’s reshape frontline care for patients from the bottom up – David Nicholson 12 February 2014
England's cancer drugs fund under strain as NICE rejects oncology medicines 12 February 2014
NHS England pauses Commissioning through Evaluation project for renal artery denervation 05 February 2014
EMA sees backing for more orphan drugs 04 February 2014
NHS England releases update to national Cancer Drugs Fund list 03 February 2014
NHS England publishes outcomes of GP Personal Medical Services review 03 February 2014
Another vital step towards keeping patients free from harm – Mike Durkin 31 January 2014
Toolkit published to help improve services and close the financial gap in ‘Any town’ 24 January 2014
New animation will raise further awareness about use of NHS patient data 23 January 2014
Pharma calls for action as report shows huge local variations in use of NICE-approved drugs 22 January 2014
Care needs: financial services industry to develop products to help people plan 21 January 2014
NHS England pledge to help patients with serious mental illness 20 January 2014
England’s suicide prevention strategy report shows better recording and sharing of information are important in helping to prevent suicide. 17 January 2014
UK pharma pledges to ensure new price deal boosts medicine access and innovation 17 January 2014
Liaison and diversion trial sites announced 16 January 2014
NHS England vision for tackling diabetes in 2014 10 January 2014
Change proposals for specialised services invited 07 January 2014
Extra funding for mental health nurses to be based at police stations and courts across the country 07 January 2014
Better Information Means Better Care: NHS contacts all English households from today 06 January 2014
UK MPs call for all historic trial data to be open, NICE and regulator must share information 03 January 2014

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