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Binley’s is used by some of the leading healthcare charities in the UK. Our clients stem across mental health, oncology, neurology and cardiovascular disease to name but a few. We have a vast range of products and services that not only helps charities to identify and communicate with key decision-makers in the NHS, but also raise awareness, gauge opinion and educate healthcare professionals.

At the core of our offering is our data. We have a dedicated team of over 30 full-time staff that researches and verifies thousands of NHS contact details every week to ensure our data is continually cleansed and maintained. We produce a number of databases ranging from NHS management and GP practices to specialist nurses and hospital doctors. To enable our clients to effectively target their audience our data can be selected by variety of means including therapy area, job title, geographical area and financial information.

Our data can be supplied as a CRM feed
or used for a mailing and/or e-communication campaign. Not only do we provide the data but we can also set up the CRM feed, fulfil the mailing or manage the e-communication broadcast; giving peace-of-mind to our hundreds of clients that everything will be dealt with under-one-roof.

For a live connection to our database, Binley’s has created binleysonline, an online resource that provides a true representation of the UK healthcare market. Not only does it include contact data but it also provides the ability to map and analyse information, QOF data, by specific therapy area, region and organisation. Many of our charity clients use this tool to help analyse areas of concern or need.

For those looking to raise awareness and aid learning among healthcare professionals, then Binley’s can help facilitate through our OnMedica platform. OnMedica is a member-only online community of healthcare professionals. Our members have access to over 200 CME courses and case studies, over 1,000 clinical articles, an online PDP tracker, breaking healthcare news and weekly newsletters, and topical blogs. Many of our CME courses and clinical articles are available to be sponsored or licensed to be used elsewhere. Alternatively, a course or case study around a particular field can be commissioned to meet our clients’ needs.

Another option we offer is a dedicated therapy hub. Either hosted as part of or as a standalone site, a ‘hub’ can be created around a specific therapy area which is populated with content from and/or new content commissioned specifically. Each hub is branded with the sponsor’s logo and adverts and can include articles, CME courses and case studies, and topical blogs.

To gauge opinions and garner feedback from key stakeholders is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign. To help our customers to do this Binley’s provides a comprehensive market research service. We can conduct full, client-specific questionnaires for detailed information gathering or short polls to get a snap-shot of key opinions. We work closely with our clients to develop and design questionnaires and provide detailed reporting and analysis.

Binley’s also offer detail follow-ups (DFUs) to allow our clients to assess the effectiveness of their marketing in terms of message recall, impact and intent. This is extremely helpful when analysing the effectiveness of a campaign and to inform future promotions.

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