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Provider Map - Midlands & East of England 2016-17

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Other regions available:
North of England
South of England

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PDF document Provider maps samples (443 Kb)

Why buy Binley's provider maps?

A whole host of provider organisations have been plotted and listed on the maps to give you a full picture of the key players responsible for provider services in the UK. These include NHS trust and care provider HQs, NHS hospitals and private hospitals.

In addition telephone numbers (and bed numbers where relevant) for every organisation will be included on these gloss-coated wall maps. B1 size for maximum visual effect, this map is ideal for reference, plotting and planning.

Annually - typically May

    Plots and listings:
  • Provider HQs (trusts and care providers)
  • NHS hospitals (with 30+ beds)
  • All private hospitals
  • Visual boundaries for regional teams
  • In addition telephone numbers (and bed numbers where relevant) are included

Purchasing information:

Maps can be purchased direct via

Alternatively, call 01268 495600 to order over the phone or use the product enquiry form at the top of the page if you have any questions.

Please allow 14 days for delivery from publication date.

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