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NHS Vanguards - all you need to know

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*NEW*Report: The Role of Vanguards in the Development of New NHS Commissioning the report, above.

What are NHS vanguards? Where are they? Who are the key people there? How do I engage them?

What are NHS vanguards?

In January 2015, the NHS invited individual organisations and partnerships to apply to become ‘vanguard’ sites for the new care models programme, one of the first steps towards delivering the NHS Five Year Forward View and supporting improvement and integration of services.

All 50 NHS vanguard sites will take a lead on the development of new care models which will act as the blueprints for the NHS moving forward and the inspiration to the rest of the health and care system.

There are 5 types of new care models (containing 50 vanguard sites):

Established March 2015

1) Integrated primary and acute care systems (9 NHS vanguard sites)

Joining up GP, hospital, community and mental health services

2) Multispecialty community providers (14 NHS vanguard sites)

Moving specialist care out of hospitals into the community

3) Enhanced health in care homes (6 NHS vanguard sites)

Offering older people better, joined up health, care and rehabilitation services

Established July 2015

4) Urgent and emergency care (8 NHS vanguard sites)

New approaches to improve the coordination and reduce pressure on A&E departments

Established September 2015

5) Acute care collaborations (13 vanguard sites)

Linking hospitals together to improve their clinical and financial viability

Where are NHS vanguards?

To view the location of the 50 NHS vanguard sites, click here

Who are the key personnel at NHS vanguards? And how can I engage with them?

NHS vanguards are local NHS and care consortiums that lead the development of new and better ways of providing care in the NHS. Through the new care models programme, complete redesign of the whole health and care systems are being considered. The government has pledged its commitment to NHS vanguards by releasing a support package as well as access to a £200m transformation fund. This is to enable them to move quickly and remove the barriers that stop them delivering the best care. Can your organisation help them achieve their radical change and innovation agenda?

Binley’s has been at the forefront of NHS change for 24 years. Using our intimate knowledge of the UK healthcare market and innovative product and service offerings, we can help your business to communicate, network and develop relationships with the key individuals at NHS vanguards.

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To stay up-to-date with the evolving NHS vanguards and other NHS developments, register with us here.

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