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NHS Map of the UK 2017-18

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Wilmington Healthcare's NHS Map of the UK has been fully updated to reflect the latest shape of the healthcare system across the UK.

Why buy Wilmington Healthcare's NHS Map of the UK?

B1 size for maximum visual effect and gloss-coated for write on/wipe off purposes, this map is a practical addition to the wall of any office, regardless of whether you work in or with the NHS.

Commissioning regions and area teams are colour-coded for easy reference, with major roads and towns added for clarity.

Top level organisations are plotted, with full listings by commissioning region (and national equivalents) covering regional teams, trusts, ambulance trusts, local government HQs and private hospital HQs.

Annually - typically May

Target audience:
Regularly used by many NHS departments, offices, libraries and information centres. Also used by healthcare interest groups and a variety of commercial companies, particularly those with territory-based sales forces.

  • Commissioning region boundaries
  • Regional teams
  • Major towns and cities
  • Motorways and major roads
  • Airports

    Additional information:
  • Number of GP practices per region
  • Population by region
  • Bed numbers by trust or national equivalent
  • Services provided by trust or national equivalent
  • NHS code per organisation
  • Top level organisations, with address
  • Trusts
  • Local government HQs
  • National equivalents, where applicable, for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Ambulance trusts
  • Private hospital HQs
  • Population and number of GP practices by region

  • Trusts (and national equivalents)
  • Private hospital HQs
  • Local government HQs
  • Ambulance trusts

Purchasing information:

Maps can be purchased direct via

Alternatively, call 01268 495600 to order over the phone or use the product enquiry form at the top of the page if you have any questions.

Please allow 14 days for delivery from publication date.

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