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Online Directory of NHS Management

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25,390 NHS management contacts
1,918 new contacts
2,055 contacts changed
733 healthcare interest groups

CCG Lay Member, Patient and Public Involvement
Academic Health Science Networks responsibilities of: Chairperson, Chief Executive/General Manager and Steering Group Member


Commissioning organisations
NHS England, regional offices and regional teams
Clinical commissioning groups
Commissioning support units
SCN/Clinical senate support teams
Specialist commissioning

Provider services organisations
NHS trusts and care providers

The NHS employs over a 1 million people across a range of departments and specialties - all with different needs. Widely used by both those within the NHS and those outside, Binley's Directory of NHS Management provides the most up-to-date Who's Who in NHS management. If you provide a product or service that meets these needs and you want to secure your share of NHS spend this year then this directory is for you. The perfect tool for your healthcare telemarketing campaigns, NHS research projects and day-to-day reference.

Binley's directories are for reference purposes only as outlined in our copyright statement and licence agreements. If you're looking for a mailing list or database for a direct marketing campaign then our Database of NHS Management is available. For more information complete the product enquiry form or call us on 01268 495600.

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