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CRM and Data Services

Data Cleansing and Enhancement

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Data can go out-of-date very quickly if it is not regularly verified and updated. Whatís more, if you donít keep it refreshed with the latest contact information then you risk chasing irrelevant prospects or mailing people who are no longer there, reducing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns or research projects.

Effective and ongoing research can also put pressure on your budget. For example, there are approximately 300 NHS trusts, contacting each trust on a basis of six an hour will take you 50 hours. If you do this 3 times a year, thatís 150 hours!
We can save you time and money...
Our team of 30 full-time in-house researchers regularly verify and update our contact information (in some cases every 16 weeks!) so you can be reassured that we will provide you with the most accurate healthcare lead information available.
We can match your data against our database of over 450,000 healthcare contacts against a number of criteria. We will advise on any gaps or inaccuracies in your data and what enhancements are possible. If you require new or updated data from us, you will only pay for what you need!
We know that legacy data represents a substantial investment by your business over time. Binley's expertise in handling its own data can be also applied to data from diverse contact and mail management systems to ensure that the value of this vital asset isn't lost.
To find out how we can make your database work more effectively and efficiently for you, call 01268 495600 or email  

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