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Offer: Commissioning Maps 2014-2015

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Latest edition:

Publication date:
May 2014

- London
- North of England
- Midlands & East of England
- South of England

Download files:
PDF document Map sample: North of England (706 Kb)


Buy one printed regional map and save 10!
Buy one printed regional map and one NHS Map of the UK and save 20!
Buy all four regional commissioning maps and save 50!

(Discounts apply to PRINTED maps only)

* SCN/Clinical senate support teams
* Strategic clinical networks
* Public health centres
* Local healthwatch
* Academic health science networks
* Population and budget stats for area teams

Why buy Binley's commissioning maps?

NHS England's four commissioning regions have been established to oversee the commissioning organisations.

A whole host of commissioning organisations have been plotted and listed on the maps, with clinical commissioning groups colour-coded for easy identification.

Area teams, health and wellbeing boards, commissioning support units and clinical senates are also plotted and listed to give you a full picture of the key players responsible for commissioning in the UK.

Information such as number of GPs, number of practices, number of patients, budgets and population figures are also included on these gloss-coated wall maps. B1 size for maximum visual effect, this map is ideal for reference, plotting and planning.

Annually - typically May

    Plots and listings:
  • Area teams
  • Clinical commissioning groups
  • Health and wellbeing boards
  • Clinical senates
  • Commissioning support units
  • National healthwatch
  • Local healthwatch
  • Public health centres
  • Academic health science networks
  • Strategic clinical networks
  • Strategic Clinical Network (SCN)/Clinical senate support teams
  • Top level organisations
  • Budgets per CCG
  • Number of GPs per CCG
  • Number of practices per CCG
  • Population per CCG
  • Number of patients per CCG
  • Telephone number for each organisation
  • NHS code per organisation
  • Budgets per area team
  • Population by area team


Size & pages:
B1 (1000mm x 700mm)

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