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The Health & Social Care Act 2012 - Sarah Eglington April 2012

The continuous debate and uncertainty caused by the NHS Bill has thrown the publication schedule of our NHS Guide out of sync somewhat (so apologies again to our subscribers). We've held off on a number of occasions in case what we committed to print was considered out-of-date by the time it came back from the printers.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you also holding off on your plans before committing investment, either financially or in time, to align your business to these changes?

Well, the good news is that we don't have to anymore. The NHS Bill is well on its way to receive Royal Ascent, which is scheduled for April 2012, meaning full steam ahead for implementation. Our publication schedule is back on track so make sure you are there are a number of new opportunities out there to communicate, engage and build successful relationships with the NHS so make sure they've got your name on it.

We've said it before, but we'll say it again, change brings opportunity. New structures, new policies and shrinking budgets will have an impact on what you do but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. The NHS doesn't stop for reform or restructure and smart organisations understand that the NHS still has a job to do. Yes, you'll have to assess the impact on your business or market but otherwise embrace the change and use it to your advantage. See who else out there is a potential new customer and/or try a different approach to marketing. The evidence that marketing to, and communicating with, the NHS still delivers results is strong.

<Taken from the Foreword of Binley's NHS Guide Winter_Spring 2012 edition>

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