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NHS - Getting back to business - Sarah Eglington October 2012

After a long period of uncertainty, we've noticed a little buzz of activity in the air. NHS suppliers and service providers, who've laid low for the last few months, appear to have a new-found confidence in the healthcare market. As the last few pieces of NHS reform finally slot into place, we're finding more people wanting to know ‘who, what and when' so that they can get ready to do business with the ‘new' NHS.

One of our data clients reported a 42% increase in average attendances at their conferences compared to 2011. Indeed, uptake at our NHS learning programmes and workshops has increased with early bookings for our Autumn series at an all-time high.

With new NHS organisations established, new roles and responsibilities defined, new strategies outlined and new policies implemented, could we be on the verge of the NHS marketplace getting back to business? Our experience in the last few weeks seems to support this too. A recent e-communication undertaken on behalf of one of our clients to new CCG contacts resulted in a click-through rate way above the industry average. This proves that, not only are these people settled in their new roles but also, they are interacting with suppliers and service providers. We don't want to speak too soon but the evidence that things are on the move again seems to grow stronger week on week. New NHS customers are in place, they know what they need to achieve and are putting plans and budgets into place to secure that. So, if you've put your NHS communications on hold then maybe now is the time to dust off your marketing plans.

<Taken from the Foreword of Binley's NHS Guide Summer_Autumn 2012 edition>

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