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Rep of the Year Awards - PharmaTimes July 2013

Based on the PT Rep of the Year competition, how important are sales reps in the changing healthcare landscape?

The role of the sales rep remains important but will have to change in light of the NHS reform. Instead of broad coverage, reps will have to focus on key accounts as they emerge and develop.

2) What do you think is the take home message for a sales rep to be successful in the current environment?

To be successful, sales reps need to be flexible and familiar with the changes. Boundaries will change, new organisations and roles will emerge and as a result territories may change. The NHS isn't a single-entity any more. Each new customer that emerges will have a different structure, different decision-making process and a different way of working. Meeting the individual needs of these different organisations and tailoring messages accordingly will be key.

3) How important is it for reps to upskill and focus on career development?

Change brings opportunity and now is a better time than ever for reps to develop their careers and the contribution that they make to the industry.

4) What role does the PT competition play in helping individuals and the pharma industry in general?

The PT competition allows pharma companies to benchmark their own reps, externally, against the best of the best. As the competition gets tougher, the talent becomes stronger and this can only be a good thing for the pharma industry.


5) Why are you supporting the competition?

Binley's has long been a supporter of joint-working. This competition showcases how joint working can be successful because the winners on stage are there because their customers have recognised the great work they do.

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