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The low down on digital - Sarah Eglington October 2013

Binley's recently presented at the PharmaTimes digital workshop, what was your take home message for attendees?

There were two key messages actually. Firstly, that digital isn't stand alone, it's one part of a ‘surround-sound' marketing approach. There seems to be too much focus on developing purely digital strategies but evidence shows that digital is more successful when it's fully integrated. The second key message was that customer engagement is more important than reach. People are obsessed with numbers! For us it's more about understanding customer's preferences and behaviours to engage with them more effectively and to deliver the best results.

What do you mean by ‘people are obsessed with numbers'?

The question we get asked the most is ‘how many email addresses do you have?'. There's a perception that if you've got more email addresses then you must be better. People forget that if someone hasn't given you their email address then it's probably because they don't want to be emailed and are unlikely to respond to e-communications. It's not about % sent, delivered or clicked. It's about what your customer does next.

Are you saying that Binley's doesn't have 100% coverage?

100% coverage isn't about having all the email addresses, it's about communicating with people in a way they want to be communicated to. We do have 100% coverage but it's not achieved exclusively by e-communications, it's achieved by a multichannel approach. If you want to truly engage with customers then you need more than just an email address. We know where people are, and more specifically what they do, so we can facilitate targeted messages via a choice of communication channels.

How do you define multichannel?

Multichannel is about using all the channels available to you to get your message through to the relevant person in the right way at the right time. This could be through a combination of traditional postal channels, e-communications or social media; supported by digital and online assets such as websites and Apps; or through face-to-face meetings. The ‘what your customer does next' factor is about having all of these elements in place to create the surround-sound effect to reinforce your message and maximise customer engagement.

What makes a great multichannel initiative?

A successful multichannel initiative needs to be two-fold. Firstly, by developing high quality and engaging digital and online assets that are not only content-rich, but also content-relevant. So many times organisations go to the effort of getting people to their website or App and then fall down because what they've got in place is not of interest to the customer. Secondly, once you've got your content-relevant assets in place you need to be able to drive targeted traffic to them and measure real interaction. Otherwise, the flip side is that you can have the most engaging and interactive assets but they're being viewed by the wrong people.
If you want to find out how Binley's can help you with your multichannel campaigns then speak to one of our digital team on 01268 495600 or email

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