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60 seconds with ... Binley's/OnMedica team PharmaTimes August 2010

Why has Binley’s bought OnMedica?


Good question! When OnMedica ceased trading at the beginning of the summer, it opened up a number of opportunities for Binley’s.  Essentially, there was a gap left in the market following the departure of OnMedica and one that Binley’s believed they could fill by making use of their in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and their years of experience.  I, for one, am thrilled that Binley’s moved forward with the acquisition of OnMedica, as having previously worked for OnMedica, I was keen to ‘pick up where I had left off’ and get back to work!


What have been your first actions following the acquisition of OnMedica?


Firstly, we are, and have been, working hard to build relationships with previous OnMedica clients, especially those that were mid project when OnMedica ceased trading, and to try and complete where possible any unfinished projects and campaigns.  Also, we are currently working hard to continue to provide the community with news feeds, blogs and therapeutic updates.  Our Medical Director, Dr Luke Koupparis and his team continue to ensure that the website is current, up to date and full of interesting editorials and articles as well as ensuring that the website community are well informed, and consequently continue to visit and contribute to the website.


What are Binley’s plans for digital marketing?


Currently, we are able to offer and provide various elements of a digital marketing campaign covering an expansive and broad spectrum.  The digital channel is so extensive, and that, coupled with our experience means that we are able to offer something for everyone, no matter who your audiences are, what your budget is, or what your key brand messages are.  Going forward, Binley’s will be working to extend our digital marketing offering further, and will look to work closely with brand and procurement teams to make this happen.  I don’t want to give it all away…so just watch this space!


Press contact:
Marketing Department E: T: 01268 495600

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