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Managing change at Binley’s PharmaTimes December 2010

Change is nothing new to the NHS. Managing change is nothing new to Binley’s either.  Since the inception of the first wave of NHS trusts, the demise of district health authorities, the creation of fundholders, the replacement with primary care groups that evolved into primary care trusts, the appearance of practice-based commissioning and now clinical commissioning groups, Binley’s has been responding quickly and accurately to the needs of its clients.

Binley’s is starting to map some of the early candidates to see what the boundaries might look like and is already reflecting clinical commissioning groups in binleysonline.  Binley’s has also launched a new series of surveys for OnMedica members focusing on the proposed White Paper changes and the changes to the remit of NICE.  From over 1,000 GP responders it is clear that GPs fear they will come under increased pressure from patients to prescribe a particular drug and that the changes will reduce patient access to some treatments and inevitably increase postcode prescribing.  Overall 64% believe that the changes will make their prescribing decisions more difficult and 80% think they will have to develop, improve or utilise existing practice formularies and guidelines.

To find out how Binley’s can help you manage your business through this period of change visit or contact our NHS experts at or call 01268 495600.

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